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Use Photo Grid Map method to identify, evaluate and document turfgrass problem areas making it easier to find solutions and implement.


Improved drainage and playability by re-con-structing tee complexes and bunkers on both the East and West Courses at Winged Foot.

Maximized airflow and sunlight, in areas where thin unhealthy turf prevailed, by selective tree and limb removal enhancing turf health and playability.



Demonstrated logistical, organizational and planning competence for many in-house projects resulting in maximum efficiency and flawless results.

Improving Bunkers at Winged Foot
“These were by far the worst bunkers on the course. We shelled out the bunkers down to the original drainage, put in a new 12 inch main line drain and used the Billy Bunker Method.  This project was done mostly in house.  They are now our best bunkers, never washout and drain exceptionally well.”
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Greens and Practice Facility - Supervised irrigation renovation
“Construction started late winter 2009 and the green opened for play just as projected, Mid June 2010.  The project was completed in-house except for the shaping of the complex, and the irrigation system and hydroseeding of the large native grass hill.”
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Morris County Drainage Project
Greens Drainage was done in spring of 2016. The 5 worst draining greens experienced winter damage every year prior to my arrival.  Since installing the subsurface greens drainage there have been zero cases of winter damage.
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Greens Renovation
7 green had agronomic and playability issues and was rebuilt multiple times since Seth Raynor did it in 1916. The club wanted to restore the green as close to the original design as possible. Using historical club photos and aerials, Ron Forse developed a plan and the grounds crew executed the plan specifications flawlessly. Classic architecture was restored. Pin locations are much better. We now offer our members improved and more consistent putting conditions.
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Back to the Basics approach using progressive, core agronomic methods. Employ weather/agronomic data tracking and other modern day technological advances. Implement environmentally-friendly practices to produce consistent playability and exceed member/guest expectations.

Continual evaluation of soil, water, and turf properties and making necessary changes will improve agronomic and cultural maintenance practices to enhance turf health, aesthetics, and playability.



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