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"In Jons' role at Winged Foot, I was impressed with his attention to detail, interaction with the staff and ability to critically think about issues on a wide variety of golf course related topics including daily course preparation, construction projects and pest management… Jon took a lot of his skill set from Winged Foot Golf Club and has expanded them even further. In Jon's current position at Morris County Golf Club (MCGC), I have seen him make fantastic improvements to the golf course. These improvements go beyond what golfers see during their round and include overall healthier turf which plays very consistent." Steve McDonald, M.S., President, Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC

"Another thing that stands out, that many assistants and some superintendent, are not comfortable with or do not know how to do efficiently, is Jon's ability to handle administrative work. He easily completes office managerial tasks including record keeping of labor, schedules, budgets, etc. His accuracy and attention to detail make sure this necessary part of the job gets done so we run as efficiently as possible." Stephen Rabideau, CGCS, Winged Foot Golf Club

"I've known Jonathan Heywood for about eight years. He's an upbeat person with an outgoing personality and a presence that radiates self confidence without a hint of self importance. Jonathan has set his sights high and his relocation to the Winged Foot Golf Club is a continuation of his desire to become a leader of his profession. " Don Hearn, CGCS, GCSA of New England, Past President GCSAA.


Experience and proven results at world renowned, private golf clubs hosting numerous Championships and Majors


Delivered consistent, tournament quality turf for serious, aesthetically-driven golfers with daily expectations of Championship-level firm and fast play; maintained top green speeds and course playability through meticulous course inspection and maintenance programs.





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